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How to Plow Snow With ATV

ATVs are wonderful for exploring the trails and having a good time. But did you realize they can also be useful while saving you money? Rather than purchasing a snow plow this winter, consider transforming your ATV into an ATV snow plow.

With ATV accessories such as snow equipment, you may convert your all-terrain vehicle into a snow plow and use it all year.

ATV plows are a quick and easy way to clear snow from your driveway and property. Get the most out of your ATV by transforming it into a snow plow with the correct ATV parts and accessories.

How much snow can you remove with an ATV

ATV plows work well for almost any depth of dry snow or light to shallow depths of wet snow. They are easily maneuverable and perfect for driveways and sidewalks. The wetter and more compacted the snow becomes, the more difficult it will be to clean.

This is true with all snowplows, not just ATVs. You will either need to plow before the snow accumulates or use a heavier machine or snow blower for deep, heavy snow.

ATVs are designed for all types of terrain, from muddy and rocky trails to open fields and even snow. Snow is the most difficult due to the sub-zero temperatures affecting both you and your machine and the amount of snow and ice that can accumulate. 

The amount of snow you can clear depends on the power of your machine, the traction you can get, the amount of snow you push, and the weather conditions.

What Is The Function Of An ATV Snow Plough

First, attach a snow plow blade to the front of the vehicle to utilize your ATV as a snow plow. A metal or composite blade can be used.

When plowing snow with your ATV, you can manually, hydraulically, or with an ATV winch. When the wide blade is lowered, it will push snow while you drive your ATV.

A Proper Mounting Frame Use

You must securely attach the ATV plow blade to the ATV using a mounting frame appropriate for your ATV type.

This mounting frame should be strong enough to resist and absorb the impact of plowing without breaking or damaging the ATV. It should also be quite simple to install and detach, as you won’t want the plow and frame on your ATV after the winter.

Some ATVs also have attachment points in the front of the frame for ATV accessories, such as snow plow blades. Look for a plow blade developed expressly for use with these mounting points if your ATV has them.

Otherwise, consider purchasing a plow with a blade. That clamps directly to the ATV frame or attaches to the rear hitch mount.

Tilting of The Blade

The blade tilting mechanism is likewise housed in the mounting frame. This allows you to spin and modify the plow blade to accommodate changing conditions.

It is typical to have an entirely manual system. To release the blade, you pull a lever with this system. The blade can then be rotated by hand to the appropriate angle.

Some plows use hydraulics to lift and tilt the blade for a more advanced choice. This is more convenient but also more expensive and heavier than the manual tilting system.

Snow Plowing

Like the tilting mechanism, the blade has both manual and automatic lifting systems. To lift the blade on a fully manual system, you must get off your ATV. On the other hand, automatic systems can use hydraulics, known as direct-lift systems, which are operated from the driver’s seat with a push of a button.

Other automatic solutions use the ATV’s front-mounted electric winch to raise and lower the blade.

If your ATV lacks a winch and you do not intend to get one, consider a system that lifts the blade with a mechanical lever.

What to Know Before Buying an ATV Snow Bar

Consider how you plan to use your ATV snow thrower before buying one to get the right one for the job.

Kinds of Work

The type of plow you plan to make will determine the type of blade you will get. For narrow areas, such as sidewalks, you will need a plow blade small enough (for example, four feet) to clear the entire area without going over the sidewalk’s edge.

For short driveways, wider UTV blades work. And for rougher terrain, you’ll want to consider a V-plow for ice-cutting and trail-breaking.


The type of snow removal you plan to do will also influence your choice of utility vehicle and ATV accessories. For small jobs, a mountain bike will work just fine. But if you do professional snow removal and spend hours outdoors clearing driveways, you’ll probably want to use a UTV with a heated cab.

Also, the larger the vehicle, the larger the plow blade you can use, allowing you to clear larger snow areas in less time.

Straight or V-Shaped Blades

Straight blades are cheaper and lighter, making them a popular choice. However, V-plows can handle tougher snow conditions by cutting through snow scoop and ice with their arrowhead shape. You can also use the V-plow in a shovel configuration for easy snow stacking.

Plowing Materials

Consider the pros and cons of metal and composite snow plow blades when deciding the best option for your ATV snow plow.

Steel blades can rust over time but are stiffer and more durable than composite blades.

Composite blades may not be as durable as metal blades, but they will never rust, and their smooth surfaces allow snow and sleet to slide off the blade easily.

Easy to Use

As mentioned above, manual, winch and direct lift systems vary in ease of use.

Hand or winch systems will suffice if you’re plowing your house and a neighbor’s. But if you plow professionally, especially as part of a company or municipal team, you’ll be better off with the ease of a hydraulic direct hitch system.

Since you won’t have to get out of your vehicle to adjust the snow shovellers, you can save time and reduce the risk of slipping on ice. But even with the convenient hydraulics, you’ll still need to consider ease of use with the type of controller provided.

Make sure the ATV has enough power

Check the manufacturer’s specifications and ensure your ATV is powerful enough to attach a snow shovel to remove snow. If you overload your mountain bike, at best, you will have difficulty making your way through the snow. In the worst case: You can damage your ATV and cause bodily injury. Never overload your mountain bike!

Beware of objects hidden under the snow

Garden features, edging, and children’s toys have been known to hide under snow, damaging the plow and making the plowing process unsafe. 

For those static items like landscaping items, consider adding messages or other tags to indicate where they are. To avoid other hidden items, remove unnecessary items before the snow falls to prevent them from being buried.


ATVs offer a remarkable solution for winter maintenance through efficient snow plowing. You can enjoy a clear path during the snowy season by choosing the right ATV, preparing it properly, and employing the right techniques. 

Safety is paramount, so always wear the necessary protective gear and operate your ATV responsibly. Embrace the advantages of using an ATV for snow plowing, from cost-effectiveness to environmental benefits. 

As you explore the many facets of winter maintenance, your ATV becomes a reliable companion, ensuring practicality and adventure.

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