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Polaris is a celestial marvel that has fascinated humans for centuries. Also known as the North Star, it holds a special place in astronomy and navigation. Polaris is a prominent star located almost exactly at the north celestial pole, making it appear stationary in the night sky while all other stars seem to rotate around it. This fixed position makes it an invaluable navigational tool, especially for travellers in the Northern Hemisphere.
Polaris belongs to the Ursa Minor constellation and serves as the anchor for the Little Dipper, a well-known asterism formed by a group of stars. RANGER XP 1000 Its position is approximately aligned with Earth’s rotational axis, making it relatively easy to locate in the night sky. Sailors and adventurers have long used Polaris to determine their northward direction, aiding navigation across land and sea.
Furthermore, beyond its navigational significance, Polaris is also a prominent cultural symbol, inspiring countless myths and stories across different cultures. Its unwavering presence and guiding role in the night sky have instilled a sense of wonder and exploration in human history, connecting people to the vastness of the universe above.

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