Best Sound System for Polaris Ranger- Upgrade Your Ride

Best Sound System for Polaris Ranger – Upgrade Your Ride

Are you ready to take your Polaris Ranger experience to the next level? Having a top-notch sound system may enhance your experience, whether you’re working on your property, hitting the trails, or driving through the countryside. Selecting the best sound system for your Polaris Ranger might be difficult, given the many options available. We’ll go over some of the best options and things to think about in this blog article when choosing the ideal sound system for your outdoor activities.

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The Best Sound Systems for Your Polaris Ranger

A Polaris Ranger is made for adventure, tackling any terrain with ease. However, even the most thrilling adventures can benefit from a killer soundtrack. That’s where a top-notch sound system comes in. Improving the audio on your Ranger will transform the entire experience, whether you’re driving around, rocking out on muddy trails, or blasting country music on the farm.

best sound system for polaris ranger

Why Invest in a Sound System for Your Polaris Ranger?

Before diving into the specifics of sound systems, let’s first discuss why investing in one is worth it. A premium sound system can drastically enhance your riding experience by providing crystal-clear audio to accompany your journey. If you prefer listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks, it will be possible to completely enjoy the wonderful outdoors without any disruptions if you have a sturdy sound system.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sound System

To guarantee that the sound system you get for your Polaris Ranger is the finest, take into account the following before making a purchase:

  • Sound Quality: Opt for a sound system that delivers high-quality audio with crisp highs, deep lows, and balanced midrange frequencies. Look for features such as premium speakers, amplifiers, and sound processors to enhance sound clarity and fidelity.
  • Compatibility: Ensure that the sound system is compatible with your Polaris Ranger model. Look for systems specifically designed for off-road vehicles to withstand rugged terrain and weather conditions.
  • Tunes over noise: Rangers can get loud, especially when you’re pushing the engine. A high-output sound system will cut through the wind and engine noise.
  • Durability: Since your Polaris Ranger will encounter rough terrain and outdoor elements, choose a sound system that is built to withstand harsh conditions. Look for weatherproof and durable components that can handle dust, moisture, and vibration without compromising performance.
  • Installation Ease: When choosing a sound system, consider its ease of installation. Look for systems with detailed instructions and mounting hardware for straightforward installation. Alternatively, opt for professional installation services to ensure proper setup and integration with your Polaris Ranger.
  • Audio Features: Bluetooth, external inputs, AM/FM radio. What features are essential for you?
  • Connectivity Options: Choose a sound system that offers versatile connectivity options to accommodate your audio sources. Look for systems with Bluetooth, AUX input, USB ports, and AM/FM radio capabilities for seamless integration with your smartphone, MP3 player, or other audio devices.
  • Budget: Sound systems can range in price. Determine your budget beforehand.
  • Expandability: Some systems are modular, letting you add speakers, subwoofers, or other components later on. Think about whether you want a system that can grow with your needs.

Top Sound Systems for Polaris Ranger

After discussing the important things to think about, let’s look at some of the best options for Polaris Ranger sound systems:

  • Rockford Fosgate Polaris Ranger Audio Kits: Rockford Fosgate, renowned for car audio, offers premium Polaris Ranger sound system packages. Their Stage 2 kit includes a PMX-2 in-dash multimedia receiver with 6.5″ speakers. Transitioning to the Stage 4 kit provides more power with a 400-watt 4-channel amp, four 6.5″ speakers, and a 10″ dual subwoofer setup. Though both kits are pricey, Rockford Fosgate ensures unmatched audio quality.
  • MTX Audio Ranger Systems: The MTX Audio Ranger System 1, designed for Polaris Ranger, features a weatherproof AWMC3 head unit with Bluetooth, enclosed speakers, promising OEM fit with aftermarket performance, ideal for enhancing bass and midrange tones while amplifying favorite tunes.
  • A 10″ subwoofer brings the bass: The Rockford Fosgate RM110D2B subwoofer, included in the Stage 3 package, is tailor-made for specific Polaris Rangers. Facilitated by a direct-fit mounting kit, installation is effortless, ensuring a seamless appearance. Additionally, the subwoofer is marine-rated and housed in a durable composite enclosure for durability and integration.
  • Ssv Works Polaris Ranger Sound Bars: Ssv Works provides an easy-to-install selection of sound bars that mount straight onto your Polaris Ranger. These sound bars’ high-performance speakers and amplifiers allow them to play excellent music even in crowded outdoor environments.
  • Wet Sounds Polaris Ranger Speaker Systems: Wet Sounds specializes in marine and off-road audio solutions, making them an excellent choice for your Polaris Ranger. Their speaker systems are designed to withstand the elements while delivering powerful and immersive sound.
  • Boss Audio Systems Polaris Ranger Speaker Pods: Boss Audio Systems offers speaker pods that mount conveniently onto your Polaris Ranger roll cage for seamless integration. These speaker pods feature weatherproof construction and high-performance speakers for reliable and crystal-clear audio.
  • Sound Bars: Sound bars are a great all-in-one solution. They mount to your roll cage, giving you a compact setup with integrated speakers and amplifiers. Look for brands like SuperATV and BOSS Audio for quality options.

The Joy of Music on the Trails

With the perfect sound system, your Polaris Ranger transforms into a moving concert venue. Whether navigating rugged trails or tackling tough tasks, having music or your preferred podcast elevates the entire experience.

best sound system for polaris ranger

How Do I Select Speakers For My New UTV Head Unit?

Selecting speakers for your new Polaris Ranger stereo system is more complex than for standard vehicles. The Polaris Ranger lacks pre-installed speaker mounts and a universal head unit to match speaker impedance. If you’ve acquired a system without speakers, start by identifying recommended impedance and channel compatibility.

Matching impedance with the head unit’s rating ensures optimal performance. Lower-impedance speakers may draw more current, risking amplifier damage, while higher-impedance speakers may slightly reduce maximum sound output. After establishing impedance requirements, consider speaker placement and suitable housings. Many speakers include weather-resistant housings compatible with roll cages, but not all do.


best sound system for polaris ranger

Investing in a high-quality sound system for your Polaris Ranger can significantly enhance your outdoor adventures. You may choose the ideal sound system to improve your riding experience by taking compatibility, sound quality, durability, ease of installation, and connectivity options into account. A high-end sound system makes sure you never miss a beat while enjoying the great outdoors, whether you like to listen to nature’s sounds or blast your favorite music.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best sound system for your Polaris Ranger and embark on your next adventure with immersive audio at your fingertips!


Can I install a Sound System on my Polaris Ranger myself?

Yes, many sound systems come with detailed instructions and mounting hardware for easy installation. Expert installation services are also available for those who need assistance.

Are Sound Systems for Polaris Ranger Models Weatherproof?

Many sound systems are designed to withstand outdoor elements, including dust, moisture, and vibration. Look for systems with weatherproof construction for reliable performance in rugged conditions.

Can I connect my Smartphone to a Polaris Ranger Sound System?

Yes, the majority of sound systems include Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or other Bluetooth-capable gadgets.

Which is better, JBL or Bose?

The JBL speaker features better bass, a longer battery life, and the capacity to charge other devices. Bose provides good bass and is smaller, lighter, and slightly more portable. Both speakers boast excellent volume. Additionally, the JBL model is water-resistant.

What is the code for Bluetooth check?

Use this to test Bluetooth functionality – ##232331## 

Perform a field test with this code – ##7262626## 

Test vibration and backlight by entering this code – ##0842## 

Conduct a packet loopback test using this code – ##0283## 

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