“Experience unparalleled versatility with the MAVERICK X3 Flip Windshield. From customizable wind flow to durable construction, this accessory unleashes your off-road potential. Upgrade your adventure today!”



Experience Unparalleled Versatility

Unleash the full potential of your off-road adventures with the MAVERICK X3 Flip Windshield. This innovative accessory is designed for thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts and offers unparalleled versatility to enhance your riding experience.

  • Customizable Wind Flow: Effortlessly adapt to changing weather conditions with the flip functionality of this windshield. Experience the freedom to adjust between a full shield and a shieldless one in seconds.
  • Easy Installation: Designed conveniently, the MAVERICK X3 Flip Windshield installs seamlessly onto your vehicle. Its user-friendly design requires no complex tools or technical expertise, making it accessible for all adventure-seekers.

Engineered for Durability and Style

Discover a perfect blend of rugged durability and sleek style with the MAVERICK X3 Flip Windshield. Crafted with precision engineering and premium materials, this accessory guarantees long-lasting performance and adds a touch of sophistication to your vehicle.

  • Unyielding Strength: Built to withstand the toughest terrains, the MAVERICK X3 Flip Windshield offers exceptional durability. Its robust construction ensures protection against impact, scratches, and harsh weather conditions, keeping you and your vehicle safe.
  • Aerodynamic Design: Experience enhanced aerodynamics with the precisely engineered shape of the windshield. Its sleek and stylish profile reduces wind resistance and adds an aggressive look to your MAVERICK X3, setting you apart from the crowd.
  • UV Protection: The windshield is equipped with advanced UV protection, shielding you from harmful sun rays and preventing interior fading or deterioration. Enjoy prolonged adventures with peace of mind, knowing that you’re well-protected.

Unleash Your Riding Potential

Transform your off-road escapades into adrenaline-fueled journeys with the MAVERICK X3 Flip Windshield. This exceptional accessory unlocks new possibilities and empowers you to confidently conquer any trail.

  • Extreme Adventure Compatibility: The Versatile off-road windshield is designed to fit seamlessly with your vehicle, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. It integrates flawlessly with your MAVERICK X3, allowing you to push the limits of adventure.
  • Immersive Off-Road Experience: Take your riding experience to the next level with the versatile flip functionality. Embrace the exhilaration of open-air riding when conditions permit, or shield yourself when the terrain gets challenging. Enjoy the freedom to adapt to any situation.
  • Elevate Your Style: The overall aesthetic of your Impact-resistant UTV windshield with the sleek and modern design of the flip windshield. It complements the aggressive lines of your vehicle and adds a touch of sophistication to reflect your style.


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