Unleash Your Off-Road Adventure with the CFMOTO UFORCE 500 Scratch

Unleash your off-road adventure with the CFMOTO UFORCE 500 Scratch. Conquer any terrain with its dominating power, exceptional performance, and rugged durability. Explore new horizons and experience the thrill of this versatile and stylish ATV. Get ready to dominate the off-road world!

Dominating Power and Performance

Experience the ultimate off-road thrill with the CFMOTO UFORCE 500 Scratch. Designed for adrenaline-seeking adventurers like you, this powerful all-terrain vehicle combines rugged durability with exceptional performance to conquer any terrain.

Conquer the Outdoors: The UFORCE 500 Scratch has a robust 500cc engine, delivering unparalleled power to tackle even the most challenging off-road trails. Its superior torque and acceleration capabilities ensure that no obstacle can hold you back, making every ride an exhilarating adventure.

Built to Endure: Crafted with high-strength components and a reinforced frame, this ATV is ready to take on the toughest environments. The UFORCE 500 Scratch boasts impressive ground clearance, allowing you to easily navigate rough terrain. Its rugged suspension system ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, absorbing bumps and shocks for enhanced stability.

Unleash Your Potential: Whether exploring rocky terrains, crossing shallow streams, or climbing steep hills, the UFORCE 500 Scratch delivers unwavering performance. You can adapt to various conditions with selectable 2WD and 4WD modes, ensuring optimal traction and control. Get ready to conquer the off-road world with confidence.

Uncompromising Versatility and Utility

Versatility meets practicality in the CFMOTO UFORCE 500 Scratch. Engineered with innovative features and smart design, this utility vehicle offers unparalleled convenience and adaptability for work and play.

A Tool for Every Job: The UFORCE 500 Scratch is not just an off-road beast; it’s a versatile work companion. With a spacious cargo bed and a generous towing capacity, this ATV lets you carry heavy loads and transport equipment effortlessly. From hauling supplies to completing demanding tasks, this utility vehicle is your reliable partner in getting the job done.

Intuitive Control at Your Fingertips: The UFORCE 500 Scratch features advanced technology that enhances your riding experience. You can effortlessly navigate different functions with an ergonomic and intuitive control layout. The digital display keeps you informed of vital information such as speed, fuel level, and engine diagnostics, allowing you to stay in control and focus on the adventure ahead.

Designed for Comfort: Don’t let rough terrain compromise your comfort. The UFORCE 500 Scratch has a spacious and ergonomic seating arrangement, ensuring a comfortable ride for you and your passengers. Adjustable seating positions, ample legroom, and well-placed handholds contribute to a fatigue-free experience so that you can enjoy your off-road journeys to the fullest.

Unmatched Style and Enhanced Safety

Make a bold statement wherever you go with the CFMOTO UFORCE 500 Scratch. This ATV combines sleek aesthetics with advanced safety features, ensuring you stand out from the crowd while prioritizing your well-being.

Head-Turning Design: The UFORCE 500 Scratch features a striking, modern design that demands attention. With aggressive lines, stylish accents, and eye-catching colors, this ATV exudes confidence and showcases your unique personality. Stand out from the rest and turn heads wherever your off-road adventures take you.

Safety First: Your safety is our top priority. The UFORCE 500 Scratch has many safety features to protect you on every ride. From a reinforced roll cage and seat belts to a robust braking system and responsive headlights, this ATV ensures peace of mind while exploring the great outdoors.

Illuminate Your Path: Don’t let darkness hinder your off-road adventures—the UFORCE 500 Scratch features powerful LED lights, providing exceptional visibility in low-light conditions. Whether navigating a dimly lit trail or working during twilight hours, these lights will guide your way and keep you safe.


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