The Power: Exploring the Honda Recon 250 Big Bore Kit

The Power: Exploring the Honda Recon 250 Big Bore Kit

The Honda Recon 250 is a popular choice among ATV enthusiasts for its reliability, versatility, and all-around performance. However, for those seeking an extra boost in power and performance, the Honda Recon 250 big bore kit has become a go-to upgrade.

 In this thorough manual, we will examine the world of big bore kits, exploring what they are, how they work, and the specific advantages of installing one on your Honda Recon 250.

Big Bore Kits

Before we dive into the specifics of the Honda Recon 250 big bore kit, let’s take a moment to understand what a big bore kit is and how it can impact your ATV’s performance.

A big bore kit is an aftermarket modification that increases the engine displacement of a vehicle. In the case of the Honda Recon 250, the stock engine displacement is 229cc.

By installing a big bore kit, you can increase the displacement, typically to 300cc or more. This modification is achieved by replacing the stock cylinder and piston with larger ones, allowing for the combustion chamber to receive more fuel and air, producing more power and torque.

Advantages of Installing a Big Bore Kit on the Honda Recon 250

Increased Power and Torque

One of the primary reasons ATV enthusiasts opt for a big bore kit is to unlock additional power and torque. The larger displacement allows the engine to generate more force during each combustion cycle, translating to improved acceleration and overall performance. Whether you’re tackling challenging trails or hauling a load, the increased power can make a noticeable difference.

Enhanced Throttle Response

The bigger bore diameter contributes to improved throttle response. With a larger volume of air and fuel entering the combustion chamber, the engine can respond more quickly to changes in throttle input. This results in a more dynamic and responsive riding experience, making it easier to navigate various terrains.

Better Climbing Capability:

The added power from the big bore kit can significantly enhance the ATV’s climbing capability. Whether you’re conquering steep inclines or navigating rocky terrain, the increased torque ensures that your Honda Recon 250 can handle the challenge with greater ease.

Optimized Heat Dissipation:

Some big bore kits come with improved cooling features, such as high-performance cylinders and better cooling fins. This helps dissipate heat more efficiently, preventing the engine from overheating during prolonged or demanding rides. Improved heat management can contribute to the longevity of the engine components.

Customization and Personalization:

Installing a big bore kit allows ATV enthusiasts to tailor their Honda Recon 250 to their specific preferences and riding styles. Whether you’re looking for more power for off-road adventures or improved towing capacity for utility work, a big bore kit provides a customizable solution.

Choosing the Right Honda Recon 250 Big Bore Kit

When it comes to selecting a big bore kit for your Honda Recon 250, it’s essential to consider factors such as brand reputation, compatibility, and the specific features offered by each kit. Here are some key considerations:

Brand Reputation

Research reputable manufacturers in the ATV aftermarket industry known for producing high-quality big bore kits. Look for client endorsements and reviews to determine the performance and reliability of the kits.


Ensure that the big bore kit you choose is compatible with your Honda Recon 250 model and year. Different model years may have variations in engine specifications, so it’s crucial to select a kit that fits seamlessly with your ATV.

Performance Features:

Evaluate the performance features offered by each big bore kit. Certain kits could come with extra parts like high-performance camshafts, forged pistons, and improved gaskets. These features can further enhance the overall performance of your ATV.

Installation Requirements:

Consider the level of expertise required for the installation of the big bore kit. Some kits may come with comprehensive installation instructions, while others may recommend professional installation. Assess your mechanical skills and determine whether you’re comfortable with the installation process.

Installation Process and Tips

While the installation of a big bore kit may differ based on the particular brand and model, here is a general overview of the installation process for a Honda Recon 250 big bore kit:

Gather the Necessary Tools

Ensure you have all the required tools for the installation, including wrenches, screwdrivers, a torque wrench, and any specific tools recommended by the kit manufacturer.

Prepare the ATV

First, unplug the battery and empty the coolant. and oil from the ATV. Remove the necessary components to access the cylinder and piston.

Remove Stock Cylinder and Piston

Carefully disassemble the stock cylinder and piston, taking note of the orientation of each component. Keep track of any gaskets and seals that need replacement.

Install the Big Bore Kit Components

Install the new component according to the manufacturer’s instructions. cylinder, piston, and any additional components included in the kit. Pay attention to torque specifications to ensure proper assembly.

Adjust Carburetion and Timing

Depending on the kit, you may need to make adjustments to the carburetor and timing to accommodate the increased displacement. Follow the provided guidelines for optimal performance.

Double-Check Everything

Before starting the ATV, double-check all connections, torque settings, and fluid levels. Ensure that every component is securely fastened to prevent any issues during operation.

Break-In Period

After installation, it’s crucial to follow the recommended break-in procedures provided by the kit manufacturer. This typically involves avoiding high speeds and varying the throttle during the initial hours of operation.

Fine-Tuning Your Honda Recon 250 Big Bore Upgrade

Now that you’ve successfully installed your Honda Recon 250 big bore kit, there are several additional considerations and fine-tuning steps to optimize the performance of your upgraded ATV.

Fuel Management

With the increased displacement, your Honda Recon 250 may require adjustments to the fuel delivery system. Consider upgrading to a high-performance carburetor or installing a fuel injection system if compatible. Adjust the air-to-fuel ratio to ensure optimal combustion and prevent issues such as overheating or poor fuel efficiency.

Exhaust System Upgrade

To fully capitalize on the power gains from the big bore kit, consider upgrading the exhaust system. A high-performance exhaust can improve engine efficiency, reduce back pressure, and enhance the overall sound and aesthetics of your ATV. Be sure to choose an exhaust system that complements the specifications of your big bore kit.

Performance Air Filter

Upgrading to a performance air filter is another crucial step to maximize the benefits of your big bore kit. A high-flow air filter allows a greater volume of air to reach the engine, promoting better combustion and increased horsepower. Maintain and clean the air filter on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance.

Camshaft Upgrade

Some big bore kits come with upgraded camshafts, but if not, consider investing in one. A high-performance camshaft can further enhance the power and torque characteristics of your ATV. Ensure that the camshaft is compatible with your big bore kit and engine specifications.

Tuning and Dyno Testing

Fine-tuning your ATV’s performance is an ongoing process. Consider taking your Honda Recon 250 to a professional for dyno testing and tuning. You will be able to adjust the settings as a result. for your specific big bore kit, ensuring the best possible performance while maintaining reliability.

Suspension and Handling

The increased power from the big bore kit may impact your ATV’s handling and suspension requirements. Evaluate your suspension components and consider upgrading to accommodate the additional power. Adjust the suspension settings to achieve a balance between comfort and performance, especially if you frequently ride on challenging terrains.

Regular Maintenance

The added power and performance come with increased stress on engine components. Frequent upkeep, such as spark plug replacements, oil changes, and overall system checks, is crucial to prolong the lifespan of your upgraded Honda Recon 250. Follow the maintenance schedule provided by the big bore kit manufacturer and your ATV’s manual.

Safety Gear and Riding Techniques

It’s important to remember that with increased power comes increased responsibility. Make sure you have all the required protective gear, including gloves, a helmet, and clothes Additionally, take the time to familiarize yourself with the enhanced capabilities of your upgraded ATV and adjust your riding techniques accordingly.


The Honda Recon 250 big bore kit opens up a world of possibilities for ATV enthusiasts seeking to elevate the performance of their trusted companion. 

With increased power, torque, and a personalized riding experience, this aftermarket modification can transform your Honda Recon 250 into a more capable and enjoyable off-road companion. 

Before embarking on the big bore kit journey, thorough research, careful consideration of options, and attention to the installation process are key to a successful and satisfying upgrade. So, gear up, get ready, and unleash the full potential of your Honda Recon 250 with a big bore kit!


What kind of engine does a Honda recon 250 have?

Engine: The Honda Recon 250 is equipped with a 229cc air-cooled OHV single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that is longitudinally mounted and provides power in a small package. The induction has a bore and stroke of 68.5 x 62.2 mm, and it has a 22 mm carburetor (see it on Amazon).

Where can I find parts for my Honda TRX250 recon quad?

You can find all the necessary parts for general upkeep and upgrades on your Honda TRX250 RECON quad at MotoSport. We carry big bore kits and accessories for a complete brake job, and if you want to upgrade your exhaust, you can get that, too. Save your 4×4’s capability too.

What makes the Honda Recon 250 tick?

For the Honda Recon 250, simplicity is the name of the game. True, this entry-level quad does not have any significant features under its sleeves. Instead, this machine carries the typical components that you’d usually find in a Honda ATV. And that is what makes the Recon 250 tick.

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