Upgrade your Maverick X3 with heavy-duty axles designed to conquer any terrain. Experience superior strength, durability, and performance.


A Stronger Axle Makes a Better UTV

Experience the true power of your Can-Am Maverick X3 as it effortlessly conquers ditches and logs, thanks to the robustness of its axle. SuperATV Rhino 2.0 Axles, designed specifically for your X3, provide superior strength and reliability, ensuring you keep moving forward without hesitation. With Rhino 2.0, you can ride with unwavering confidence.

Better Materials and Design—the Rhino 2.0 Formula

The exceptional strength of Rhino 2.0 stems from its remarkable materials and design. SuperATV axles are constructed entirely from Chromoly, a high-performance alloy that enhances durability and resilience. Coupled with larger axle shafts and CV joints, these axles offer nearly double the strength of stock UTV axles, even at extreme articulation angles. We carefully engineered them to be strong enough to handle tough conditions while prioritizing protection for your expensive differential.

Field Tested, Lab Proven

Rhino 2.0 embodies a superior formula for performance. It boasts an impressive 4 mm increase in shaft size and features end-to-end chromoly construction. Furthermore, the axles undergo a proprietary heat treatment process to maximize their strength and longevity.

Backed by an 18-Month Warranty

Rest assured, Rhino 2.0 axles are not mere stickered products. They are meticulously designed, engineered, tested, and manufactured by SuperATV. We have gained valuable insights into their limits and capabilities through rigorous testing in our state-of-the-art lab and real-world riding scenarios nationwide. With decades of experience and unwavering determination, we proudly assert that Rhino 2.0 axles are the ultimate heavy-duty Can-Am Maverick X3 axles available on the market.

An extraordinary 18-month warranty backs rhino 2.0 axles to demonstrate our confidence in their quality, surpassing the industry standard of 12 months. We invite you to push your limits, ride boldly, and thoroughly test these axles—we have you covered every step.

Unleash Your Adventure, Push Boundaries

Reliable Performance Upgrade

Upgrade your Maverick X3 with our Heavy-Duty Axles and unleash the full potential of your off-road machine. With their superior strength and durability, these axles provide peace of mind and reliability, allowing you to focus on pushing your limits and exploring new horizons. Take on the toughest trails and conquer new challenges with confidence.

Easy Installation and Compatibility

 These axles are specifically engineered to be compatible with your Maverick X3, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Upgrade your Maverick X3 with our Heavy-Duty Axles and experience unrivalled strength, durability, and performance on your off-road adventures.


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