Good ATVs for Plowing Snow: A Comprehensive Guide

Good ATVs for Plowing Snow: A Comprehensive Guide

ATVs, or all-terrain vehicles, are versatile machines commonly used for recreational riding, hunting, farming, and even snow plowing. Their compact size, agility, and robust design make them ideal for clearing snow from driveways, sidewalks, and small to medium-sized areas. 

However, not all ATVs are created equal when it comes to snow plowing. We will explore what makes good ATVs for plowing snow and highlight some top models on the market.

How to Choose Good ATVs for Plowing Snow?

While it’s enjoyable to embrace the outdoors during winter to combat the sense of confinement that comes with freezing temperatures, the arduous task of shoveling in bitterly cold weather can quickly diminish the fun. However, utilizing your ATV as a snow plow presents a more enjoyable and efficient solution to clearing away the snow dumped by Mother Nature. This approach reduces frustration, minimizes the time spent on snow removal, and mitigates the risk of frostbite. Additionally, the versatility of an ATV plow extends beyond snow removal, allowing for its use in various tasks throughout the year.

At Treadworld, we specialize in tires rather than ATV snow plows, but we aim to simplify the process of selecting good ATVs for plowing snow for you. It’s important to compare the benefits and drawbacks of both ATV snow plow models before choosing between straight and V blades. V-blades excel in handling larger jobs and deeper snow thanks to their unique design, which facilitates efficient snow displacement.

Conversely, straight blades offer convenience and maneuverability, making them ideal for smaller areas like driveways and pathways. When assembling an ATV plow system, key components include the blade, mounting kit, push tubes, and lift system. Factors such as blade width, height, and system weight should be carefully considered to ensure compatibility with your ATV’s specifications and capabilities. Lastly, ease of installation is paramount, particularly for those less inclined towards mechanical tasks. By following a simple process of mounting the plate, installing the tubes, and inserting the blade, you can set up your ATV snow plow efficiently and effectively.

Good ATVs for Plowing Snow

Several ATV models stand out for their performance and suitability for snow plowing tasks.

Honda FourTrax Foreman 4×4 ES EPS

Honda FourTrax Foreman 4×4 ES EPS

The Honda FourTrax Foreman 4×4 ES EPS is a powerful ATV that can easily push through deep snow. While the functions of the Honda FourTrax Foreman 4 × 4 ES EPS may not seem extraordinary compared to those of other leading four-wheelers in the industry, it still stands out as an excellent option for snow removal.

This Honda ATV is equipped with a 518cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke engine and weighs 630 lbs. It also boasts features such as an electric shift program and a torque—and speed-sensitive electric power steering system.

The FourTrax Forman has an electronic differential lock to improve traction on icy surfaces. It also has the Traxlock system, which allows you to choose between 2WD and 4WD engagement as needed. The Honda FourTrax Foreman 4×4 ES EPS is another top choice for good ATVs for plowing snow.

Kawasaki BruteForce 750

Kawasaki BruteForce 750

The Kawasaki BruteForce 750 stands out as the ultimate ATV for snow plowing. It boasts an array of exceptional features, including a powerful engine and a comprehensive set of accessories. It is an outstanding choice for winter driving.

With a 749cc V-twin four-stroke engine specifically designed for snow plowing, coupled with a four-wheel suspension system for enhanced winter precision, this ATV delivers optimal performance in snowy conditions. Additionally, its Electric Power Steering system provides added power, making traversing challenging terrain easier.

Ideal for a wide range of snow removal tasks, from residential to commercial applications, the BruteForce 750 may come with a slightly higher price tag. Still, its longevity and performance make it a worthwhile investment. With a hauling capacity of 1,250 pounds and the option of 2WD or 4WD drive modes, it offers versatility to tackle various snow removal challenges. Moreover, its fuel injection system ensures reliable performance, allowing you to maintain control of your speed when navigating through rugged terrain.

Yamaha Grizzly EPS

While originally designed for trail riding, the Yamaha Grizzly EPS possesses all the necessary features to excel in snow removal tasks. Its robust 686cc 4-stroke engine provides ample power to tackle even the most resistant, wet snow.

With a weight of 700 lbs and a maximum towing capacity of 1322 lbs, the Yamaha Grizzly is well-equipped to handle clearing thick layers of snow without difficulty. Additionally, its 4WD capability and 26-inch high-traction tires ensure seamless maneuverability on icy surfaces, further enhancing its snow-clearing prowess.

Polaris Sportsman 850

If you need a dependable and robust snow-plowing machine, the Polaris Sportsman 850 is an excellent choice. Equipped with an electric power steering system, it offers effortless control even across rugged terrain.

Additionally, its electronic fuel injection system ensures ample power for swift and efficient snow removal tasks. Furthermore, the Sportsman 850’s sturdy suspension system makes it equally adept for trail riding adventures after the snow plowing is done. Whether you’re tackling challenging snow removal jobs or enjoying leisurely rides on the trails, the Polaris Sportsman 850 is well-equipped to handle any task with ease.

Can-Am Outlander

Can-Am Outlander


The Can-Am Outlander presents an impressive array of features at an attractive price point. With multiple models available within the brand’s lineup, you have the flexibility to select the option that best suits your specific needs.

Available in base versions with either 450cc or 570cc engines, the Can-Am Outlander effectively clears moderate amounts of snow. While primarily designed as a utility ATV, it also offers versatility for recreational riding and exploring various ATV trails.

Despite its relatively modest engine size, the Can-Am Outlander boasts a towing capacity of up to 1,300 pounds, making it a reliable choice for hauling heavy loads.

Tips for Effective Snow Plowing with an ATV

To maximize efficiency and safety while plowing snow with an ATV, consider the following tips:

  • Preparing the ATV: Ensure the ATV is properly equipped with a suitable snow plow attachment and that all components are in good working condition.
  • Knowing How to Plow: Practice proper plowing techniques, such as angling the blade to direct snow away from the desired area and making overlapping passes for thorough coverage.
  • Safety precautions: Always use the proper protective clothing, such as gloves, a helmet, and goggles. Be mindful of your surroundings and watch out for obstacles hidden beneath the snow.

Maintenance and Care for ATV Snow Plows

Maintenance and Care for ATV Snow Plows

Proper maintenance is necessary throughout the winter to ensure the best possible condition of your snow plow and ATV.

  • Cleaning and Lubrication: Regularly clean the snow plow blade and lubricate moving parts to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Inspection and Repairs: Conduct routine inspections of the ATV and snow plow for any signs of damage or wear. Address any issues promptly to avoid potential breakdowns during plowing operations.

What Makes The Best ATVs For Plowing Snow?



When selecting an ATV for snow plowing, the choice of tires is crucial. Some tires are specifically engineered for snow and ice, while others excel in wet or dry conditions. It’s essential to consider the terrain you’ll be plowing and opt for tires that offer optimal traction.

Tires with robust tread patterns capable of gripping the pavement are ideal for plowing on paved surfaces. Conversely, off-road plowing necessitates tires that can effectively navigate through mud, snow, and rough terrain. Knowing what kind of tire best meets your demands will make choosing the right ATV for the job easier.

Engine Size

When an ATV has a small engine, it may struggle to push through accumulating snow effectively. Engine size and torque are crucial for smooth snow plowing without risking damage to the machine.

ATV engines typically range from 400cc to 800cc, which impacts the snowplow’s power and speed. Therefore, selecting an ATV with an appropriate engine size is essential for efficient snow removal.


Opting for an ATV snow plow equipped with an automatic transmission offers ease of operation, particularly for those unfamiliar with driving an ATV. The automatic transmission enables quicker and smoother speed adjustments, which is essential for navigating obstacles efficiently. If you reside in a region prone to frequent snowfall, choosing an ATV with an automatic transmission is the optimal decision for hassle-free snow plowing.

Straight Fuel Injection

When purchasing an ATV for snow plowing, it’s essential to consider whether it features direct fuel injection. Direct fuel injection enhances power output and improves engine reliability and durability during operation.

Plow Mount

The plow mount is crucial for ATV snow plowing, attaching to the front of the ATV for blade installation. This simplifies snow removal from driveways, sidewalks, and other areas. Crafted from durable materials, it withstands plowing rigors and features a quick-release system for easy blade attachment and removal. Its adjustable design allows customization of blade height and angle to meet individual needs. Whether for personal use or professional services, the plow mount is essential equipment for effective snow clearing.

4WD System

4WD System

4WD systems provide improved grip and control on snow-covered terrain, reducing wheelspin and the likelihood of getting stuck. Utilizing a 4WD system is essential for effectively plowing snow, enhancing efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, and extending the lifespan of the ATV.

Electric Power Steering

When considering a new ATV, it’s crucial to determine if it features an electric power steering system. This functionality is vital as it enables effortless snow plowing.

Durability and Build Quality

Snow plowing can put significant strain on an ATV, especially when dealing with packed or icy snow. Choose a model renowned for its robust construction and longevity, which will endure the harsh conditions of the winter plowing season.


Maneuverability is key when navigating through snow-covered areas. Opt for an ATV with responsive.

Attachments and Accessories

Consider the availability of snow plow attachments and accessories compatible with the ATV. Features like adjustable blade angles, electric lifts, and quick-release systems can enhance efficiency and ease of use.

Good ATVs for Plowing Snow


Choosing good ATVs for plowing snow can make a significant difference in efficiency, performance, and overall satisfaction during the winter months. By considering factors such as engine power, durability, and maneuverability, along with selecting from top-rated models like Honda FourTrax Foreman 4×4 ES EPS, Kawasaki BruteForce 750, Yamaha Grizzly EPS, Polaris Sportsman 850, and Can-Am Outlander, you can tackle snow removal tasks with ease and confidence.

Frequently Asked Question

What size ATV is good for Plowing Snow?

Ideally, opt for an ATV with an engine power ranging from 400cc to 800cc. A larger engine size results in a heavier ATV, which is advantageous for navigating through snow. Using an ATV with smaller engine power may lead to overloading, making snow plowing more challenging.

Is Snow Plowing with an ATV safe?

When used responsibly and with adequate safety measures, snow plowing with an ATV can be safe. Yet, it’s crucial to recognize potential dangers and take necessary precautions to mitigate risks.

What is the best Speed for Plowing?

For different reasons, the ideal place for distributing salt and clearing snow is almost the same. According to Michael Flick, a spokesperson for the North Country Transportation Department office in New York, the easiest way to clear the road without using up too much diesel fuel is with a snowplow traveling between 30 and 35 mph.

Are ATVs good in the Snow?

Yes. ATVs and UTVs are typically used for tasks in the winter, such as plowing driveways or firewood delivery. Additionally, even in the absence of plows, you may traverse the acreage of your property using the same vehicle if it is properly outfitted with tires or tracks.

What size Plow is Recommended?

Standard pickup trucks are typically optimized for 6½- and 7½-foot plows, with half-ton trucks accommodating 7 or 7½-foot blades. Meanwhile, ¾- and 1-ton trucks typically utilize 7½-foot and 8-foot blades. The wider the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of the truck, the larger the plow blade it can handle. 

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